Foxconn plant (Taiwan) which manufactures products of Apple, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Sony has declared a gradual 100% automation. During 10-15 years a million of industrial robots are to be installed.
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Michelin Company has started its own selection of perspective young men who have passed compulsory military service or are students of colleges and universities on competitive base without waiting for the youth to be interested in professions in the sphere of automation.
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According to the information of the World Robotics Federation China is turning into the chief player at the world’s market of automation – its industrial robots market has increased by 54% in 2014.
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Growing competition in India’s industrial sector is becoming a reason for increased demand on the leading solutions of automation.
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According to the first data of an investigation carried out for the period of 2013 – 2019 years capacity of the world’s market of automatics and robotics has a potential of reaching $147,7 bln by the year 2019.
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Yesterday on July 12, 2015 Facebook Corporation has started constructing its fifth Data processing centre which will use the energy produced by wind turbines which are located at the territory of 1700 acres in Texas.
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On June 30, 2015, a three-dimensional real printing office has commenced in the city of Dubai, which according to the authorities of the city, will reduce the construction time by 70 percent and the occurrence of debris by 60 percent.
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Australian engineers have created the brick paver robot which carries out the laying of 1000 bricks per hour and operates for 24 hours a day.
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Automated kiosks selling printed products provide a reader with an opportunity to choose to purchase only the information that interested him, not all publications. Bright headers will help to choose information in a «newspaper-book machine», by clicking on which and after making the payment, one can get a printed version of the publication.

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Until 2018 the Chinese government plans to spend 1.2 trillion euros on the global automation project entitled «Industry 4.0», designed to transform the country into «a mighty industrial power».
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