28/8/2015 World news

Foxconn plant (Taiwan) which manufactures products of Apple, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Sony has declared a gradual 100% automation. During 10-15 years a million of industrial robots are to be installed.

28/8/2015 World news
Such a decision was made after a series of suicides among the plant’s working crew which occurred despite the operation of 70 internal psychiatrists and 100 psychologies of the plant. The working crew is obliged to carry out daily monotonous actions.

For your information: Foxconn plant is the world’s biggest employer which has 1,4 mln employees.

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Until 2018 the Chinese government plans to spend 1.2 trillion euros on the global automation project entitled «Industry 4.0», designed to transform the country into «a mighty industrial power».
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Since the current year FIFA has completely switched to automated goal detection. During all the FIFA matches the fact of ball crossing the line is checked by an automated system.
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