Kazakhstan Association of Automation and Robotics (KAAR) is a non-profit organization uniting on a voluntary basis, companies interested in the development of this market.


In December 2014 at the roundtable «Kazakhstan: the automation of the 21st Century» held in Astana the participants expressed the opinion on the need for consolidation of efforts for the development of the automation market of Kazakhstan. In May 2015 at the initiative of a number of participants of the roundtable the Kazakhstan Association of Automation and Robotics was formed.


Promote automation development in Kazakhstan for economic growth and improved living standards in support of a new economic policy «Nurly Zhol», adhering to the systemic approach, the integration of industries, facilitate the introduction of new technologies, international cooperation and exchange of experience.


In its work, the Association adheres to the following principles:

  1. Improving the quality of life
  2. Accounting and economy that do not contradict the first principle
  3. New technologies meeting the first and second principles
Goals and objectives
  • Representation of the market interests at home and abroad. Participation in the formation of standards and the regulatory framework of the market.
  • Protection of interests and assistance in the development of the Association members in the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Eurasian Economic Community.
  • Promoting the growth of human resources capacity of the market and assistance to the members of the Association in providing qualified personnel.
  • Organization of special events to meet the challenges of the market.
  • Coverage of the market issues in the media and promotion of the products of the Association members.
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