If you work in the field of automation and industrial robotics, this 2019 exhibitions collection is for you.
Read more 18.2.2019
The main event of industrial robotics – IRW, which will bring together industrialists and roboticists to develop specific recommendations on how to effectively automate production – will take place in Moscow on November 22. The event will be attended by Vladimir Turekhanov, the president of Kazakhstani Association of Automation and Robotics.
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This July, in Dallas, USA a robot was used to kill an armed criminal for the first time ever.
Read more 23.8.2016
A modern parking machine called Geta was developed at «Ifen» robotic technology factory in China. The machine operates completely independently without the need to be supervised by a human.
Read more 19.8.2016
Wi-Fi Alliance® introduced a new Wi-Fi technology for Internet of Things (IoT) concept, which is another step towards standardization of IoT. This issue was discussed on a priority basis at 2015 Internet of Things World Forum held in Dubai.
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A drone racing championship – World Drone Prix (WDP) is held in March 2016 in Dubai with a prize pool of 1 000 000 dollars.
Read more 13.1.2016
Seegrid Corporation (USA) has introduced an Industrial Mobile Robot (IMR), which is capable of standalone safe working at the warehouse together with staff.
Read more 7.10.2015
Specialists of the of machinery and moulding technologies Institute Fraunhofer IWU (Germany) have been attempting to automate the process of engine assembly which is still hand assembled despite the active robotization of car industry and requires the specialists to possess the highest qualification.
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Since the current year FIFA has completely switched to automated goal detection. During all the FIFA matches the fact of ball crossing the line is checked by an automated system.
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Center of mechatronics FMTC (USA) has introduced a high-tech remote controlled tractor. This device is constructed to ease the everyday work of agricultural workers.
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