19/8/2016 World news

A modern parking machine called Geta was developed at «Ifen» robotic technology factory in China. The machine operates completely independently without the need to be supervised by a human.

19/8/2016 World news
It seems that soon the problem to find a free parking space will disappear. An ultra-modern automated parking machine was invented in China. Geta works completely independently without the aid of a human-operator.

The machine, which is a platform-lift on wheels, orients itself by a laser navigation system with which it easily finds a free parking space. At the maximum lifting capacity of car up to 2.5 tons the platform moves at a speed of 1.5 meters per second. Being a «master of parking», Geta parks the car for a couple of minutes within the accuracy of 5 millimeters. The owner of the car just needs to leave the car at the building entrance and the mobile parking machine will independently detect it, take it and deliver to a free space, as well as will deliver the car to the exit at the required moment.

Smart machine is pleased to serve not only the drivers, but also the owners of parking lots, saving the space and placing the cars 40% more efficient than real people do it. However, it is too early to speak about savings in terms of the cost of automated parking machine. You need to spend about 10 thousand US dollars to equip one parking space. Taking into account the cost of parking, one device will earn its keep not earlier than after 10 years. Let’s wait until it gets cheaper.

Sources: www.robotforum.ru, www.hi-news.ru

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