16/7/2015 World news

Growing competition in India’s industrial sector is becoming a reason for increased demand on the leading solutions of automation.

16/7/2015 World news
Nobody has been thinking about it for a couple of previous years but today we can see a growth of Indian automation market by 12% per year. Hereafter hardiness of this growth depends on overcoming of difficulties by immature infrastructure and lack of highly qualified personnel.

The picture captures the view of assembly of cars at the conveyer belt at the Ford factory, Chengalpattu (India)

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Automated kiosks selling printed products provide a reader with an opportunity to choose to purchase only the information that interested him, not all publications. Bright headers will help to choose information in a «newspaper-book machine», by clicking on which and after making the payment, one can get a printed version of the publication.

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Michelin Company has started its own selection of perspective young men who have passed compulsory military service or are students of colleges and universities on competitive base without waiting for the youth to be interested in professions in the sphere of automation.
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