Each postman in Astana got a special smartphone with application, which notes the status of the delivery with automatic synchronization to overall system.
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III Forum of Mechanical Engineers of Kazakhstan was opened today in Astana, which hosts over 700 delegates from 20 countries on the 1st, 2nd of October.
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The railways of Kazakhstan introduced one of the most large-scale automation projects.
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A fiber optic high speed Internet will be installed in all the villages of Kazakhstan with a population of more than 250 people within next 5-6 years.
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Until 2017, the control over the quality and quantity of fuel will be automated in Kazakhstan.
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It is expected that the automation of library services in Kazakhstan will return the youth to the library.
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Kazakhstan has adopted amendments to the law on accounting automation.
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Kazakhstan has begun to automate health care system.
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In 2015, the Naval Forces of Kazakhstan plan to acquire up to 10 units of industrial underwater robotics ECA Robotics.
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In the National Space Centre in Astana there was installed an industrial 3D-printer for the production of intractable metal parts for assembly and testing complex for spacecraft.
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