Informal socializing with Kazakhstan business. On Saturday, August 15, 2015, the KAAR President Vladimir Turekhanov conducted an informal meeting in Astana with the representatives of Kazakhstan business, interested in development of the sphere of automation and robotics in our country, which was very interesting and productive.

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Michelin Company has started its own selection of perspective young men who have passed compulsory military service or are students of colleges and universities on competitive base without waiting for the youth to be interested in professions in the sphere of automation.
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Kazakhstan has begun to automate health care system.
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In 2015, the Naval Forces of Kazakhstan plan to acquire up to 10 units of industrial underwater robotics ECA Robotics.
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In the National Space Centre in Astana there was installed an industrial 3D-printer for the production of intractable metal parts for assembly and testing complex for spacecraft.
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The KAAR President Vladimir Turekhanov makes a visit to Aktobe to meet with the Federation «Kazrobotics» established for the development of educational and sports robotics in Kazakhstan. The meeting was held in Aktobe city centre of technical creativity.
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Operating speed of the round the clock warehouse serving 80 SULPAK appliance stores in 30 cities of Kazakhstan have been increased by 1.5 times as result of automation.
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The realization of the state program "Information Kazakhstan - 2020" continues, and within its framework a DPC was launched in Kostanay region.
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E-government in Kazakhstan since its commissioning has already saved for Kazakhs a total of one billion hours of free time.
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According to the information of the World Robotics Federation China is turning into the chief player at the world’s market of automation – its industrial robots market has increased by 54% in 2014.
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