24/9/2022 News / Kazakhstan news

One of the landmark events of the X Forum of Machine Builders of Kazakhstan was WorldSkills Industrial Robotics 2022, the industry championship of professional skills in the Integration of robotic systems discipline. It was held on September 22-23, 2022.

24/9/2022 News / Kazakhstan news
The participants demonstrated theoretical and practical qualifications, professional skills, and the ability to solve problems in a short time using industrial robotics technology. Practical skills were demonstrated on the KUKA robot, which was provided for the championship by the Astana IT University.

Contestants competed in performing three tasks. 
1.Online programming: blocks sorting.The participants had to write control programs for an industrial robot. 
2.Offline programming: box stacking.The participants had to write control programs for an industrial robot for stacking boxes in an offline programming environment (working with a digital twin cell). 
3.Project presentation.The participants had to work out a concept of robotic complex and present a project to automate a technological process.

Please pay attention to a couple of interesting details:
- The first places in this championship were taken by students who had previously taken an active part in the KazRoboSport school robotics championships;
- Representatives of several domestic companies participating in the Forum showed their interest in the winners.

“The simplest basic principles of robotics are now given at preschool age, there are already many different circles, sections and championships on robotics for schoolchildren in our country, there are separate championships for students, but what next? The goal is not to participate and win championships, but to actively participate in the growth of our country's economy for talented young professionals. It is WorldSkills where we see those missing link between education and industry, an important step in the formation of a new generation of industrial engineers," said Vladimir Turekhanov, president of the Kazakhstani Association of Automation and Robotics.

The winners were awarded at the end of Industry 4.0 Forum: Digitalization and Robotics in Industry, the breakout session. All participants received memorable gifts, and the winners also received valuable prizes.

The Championship was arranged by the Kazakhstani Association of Automation and Robotics, the Association of Legal Entitieswith the support of the Talap NJSC
-Kazakhstani Association of Automation and Robotics, the Association of Legal Entities
-KUKA (big manufacturer of industrial robots); 
-ProLabSupport LLP (industrial robot integrator).

Also interesting

That was the slogan of the 10th Forum of Machine Builders of Kazakhstan, which took place in Astana on September 22-23, 2022. The year 2022 has really challenged the Kazakhstan's industry, machine building and other major sectors of our country.
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