27/8/2018 News / Kazakhstan news

A new chatting app – TYPI Messenger – is available on App Store and Google Play, and is already being tested in Kazakhstan, the US and Canada.

27/8/2018 News / Kazakhstan news

The TYPI messenger essentially functions similarly to standard messengers we use every day: we can exchange text and audio messages, media files, create group chats, invite users. Other standard functions of the messenger like commenting messages, resending them, applying text to photos, sending locations and contacts are still in the finalization, but will be implemented in the near future.

However, this app features some unique functions. For example, the so-called «California» function, which allows real-time viewing of up to 20 interactive user statuses.

According to the creators, there is a hidden problem in society – an acute time shortage to manage to periodically communicate with everyone. Sometimes we realize that it has been years since we contacted our childhood friends we were once close to, or cousins, or former colleagues, etc. "California" helps to solve this problem. We can see what they are doing, and that they are all right without calling or texting them.

In addition to the new unique «California» feature, developers plan to introduce a new feature once every 3 months: Venice 1, Venice 2, Twix, Acapella 1, Acapella 2, Gorgona, London-New York, McDuck. The peculiarity of each function is kept secret, but specialists assure they will be no less interesting than «California».

At the moment the Kazakhstani messenger TYPI is being tested in three countries – Kazakhstan, the USA and Canada. If you live in one of these countries, you can try it in action. In case of any questions or requests, feel free to contact the «Typi Support» user inside the app. In November this year, developers plan to launch the instant messenger in all CIS countries, and by the end of December – in more than 150 countries, including Europe.